This is my friend Blake Grasso. I hate having to write this because it just makes the situation that much more of a reality. :/ but Blake was recently violently assaulted by a group of people, leaving him in a coma fighting for his life. He’s undergone multiple surgeries to have blood and pressure removed from his skull, and remains dependent on machines to keep him alive.

His medical bills are -unsurprisingly- beyond his mothers capacity, and the family is currently being pressured by doctors to pull his plug to avoid the financial burden they face by keeping him alive.

A week from now if they don’t have enough money, they’re going to pull the plug and likely take Blake’s life away from him. He has no conscious control over this situation, and his life is completely dependent on the value of money. He has no power over the say of his life, and it’s so scary having to believe that this is a realistic circumstance people face.

This is the donation link for Blake’s medical funds:

Please reblog and spread awareness. Anything helps at this point. Blake’s a really genuine hearted individual, and deserves a second chance.